She is, Pisces Digital Print

She is, Pisces Digital Print

February 19 - March 20
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A Pisces woman finds joy from the little things in life. They are dedicated, and loyalty runs deep within them. Pisces women are as charming as they are thoughtful, as kind as they are sensitive. A Pisces is a great zodiac sign to have in your corner. And now, with this beautiful framed illustration, you get the perfect way to let the Pisces woman in your life know just how special they are – not just to you, but also to everyone else.

This illustration comes personalised with Her name. 

She is, Pisces

She is gracious and warm. She is ruled by Neptune, a dreamer. She is a water sign, tranquil and peaceful. She is empathetic, quick to understand complexities. She is extraordinarily intuitive, a free-spirited enchantress. Her aura shines bright. She endures a deep sense of kindness. She is a treasure to be kept, a loyal friend. She has a sheer inner strength that guides her to fulfil her hearts desires. She harbours a sensitive soul with a heart of gold at her core. She is daring through her creative imagination.

She is captivating, humble and fearless.


✨Print Size - 14.8 x 21 cm (A5)
✨Print Size - 21 x 29.7cm (A4)
✨Print Size - 29.7 x 42cm (A3)
✨Print Size - 42 x 59.4cm (A2)
✨Print Size - 59.4 x 84.1 cm (A1)
✨Print Size - 84.1 x 1118.9 cm (A0)