She is, Libra Digital Print

She is, Libra Digital Print

September 23 - October 22
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A smart independent woman with a penchant for fairness and justice. A Libra woman is kind and compassionate, yet bold and strong. Having a Libra woman in your life gives you a refreshing balance between gracious problem solving and peace-making abilities. Our She is, Libra illustration is an exquisite demonstration of the passion for this zodiac.

This illustration comes personalised with Her name.

She is, Libra

She is gentle, kind and perfectly balanced. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, she is the embodiment of a harmonious soul. Born with natural charm and elegance, she captures the heart of those around her. Refreshing in company, she makes a great mediator with her ability to listen well and move freely in social settings. She is thoughtful and understanding, striking balance through her ability to remain strong and peaceful. She has a shining personality that inherently makes her enjoyable to be around. More than anything, she aspires for gracious living and good company.

She is classy, generous and highly intuitive.


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